Miami Dolphins Fire Special Teams Coach John Bonamego

Whether or not you actually knew the name of the Dolphins special teams coach John Bonamego before last night's bumbling loss to the Patriots, by the end of it you knew you wanted him fired. It might not be the same as erasing the soul crushing failures of last night's game from you mind, but with little hesitation the Dolphins have quickly fired Bonamego.

"This was a tough decision," head coach Tony Sparano said according to The Sun-Sentinel. "I thank Bono for all he's done. Players need to take responsibility too."

Not that Sparano doesn't deserve a lot of the blame for last night's loss himself, but special teams was especially nasty. It was basically a masters class in what not to do.

"In our Keys to Victory post, we noted that it was imperative for the special teams to not shit all over themselves last night," wrote Chris Joseph in his recap of the game."They went ahead and shit on themselves anyway. It was their shitting on themselves, in fact, that made all the difference in this game."

Bonamego has been coaching the Fins special teams for three years now, but last night his unit pretty much hit the trifecta of miserable failure: allowing a touch down on a kickoff return, a blocked punt, and a blocked field goal that the Pats turned into a touch down.

Assistant special teams coach Darren Rizzi will now take control of the troubled unit.