Miami Dade College Named Top 25 Neighbor College

No disrespect, but it's rare when Miami Dade College is named in a top 25 list alongside schools like Tulane and Carnegie Mellon, so let's hope the school is celebrating this honor. MDC has been ranked the 21st best neighbor college in America.  

Put together by Dr. Evan S. Dobelle, president of Westfield State College in Massachusetts, the list highlights partnerships among schools and the cities surrounding them. 

"Colleges and

universities, as well as the towns and cities in which they are located, are

now under severe economic pressures. The positive financial impact of higher

education on local communities is well-documented," said Dr. Dobelle. 

"Increasingly," he said, "more sophisticated partnerships are emerging that

are addressing complex issues such as homelessness and health care and are

serving as catalysts for community change. Colleges and universities are doing

more and more to support their local communities, and it is a win-win

situation for both."

The University of Pennsylvania and University of Southern California shared the top spot on the list.