"Firstness": Insane Florida Woman Already Camping Out for Black Friday Sales

Oh, you've got your comfiest sneakers ready. You're going to bed at 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving afternoon and planning on waking up 6 hours later. You want to be the first Floridian in line for the annual jubilee of capitalism known as "Black Friday." Too late. Somewhere in a St. Petersburg parking lot, Lori Davenport is already waiting in line.

Not only is she the first person in Florida camping out, the AP reports she is most likely the first in America. We would just like to point out that this woman is a Florida Gators fan.

"We never thought that we needed to be first for any sort of firstness, just four our own firstness," explains Davenport. "To make ourselves happy and that we accomplished something, a personal goal."

Jeez, without Tebow, Gator fans are looking for anything to celebrate anything, absolutely anything.

[via Videogum]