Anti-LeBron Documentary Gets Funding Through Kickstarter

Because LeBron hate apparently can't be contained to the internet, sports pages, radio, and ESPN, a new documentary hoping to chronicle "NBA superstar LeBron James' first season with the Miami Heat, through the eyes of the fans he left behind," has just meet its goal on Kickstarter. Yep, LeBron hate is coming to a theater -- though probably not one anywhere near you.

Losing LeBron has met its goal on, a grass-roots indie fund raising site for various cultural projects. Over 100 people donated over $10,000 to help make the film a reality, and the producers will hand out HD Flip cams to dedicated fans in Cleveland to help fill out the feature length documentary.

That's the pitch video above, but a preview cut of some fans expressing their opinions on the project's Kickstarter page actually seems, well, interesting even from a Heat fan prospective. Yes, there are fans who are blinded with rage, but there's also some who have more nuanced takes.

So this might not be all horrible, but really it raises the question of when, if ever, Cleveland is going to get over this? We're honestly starting to get concerned.

Apparently, the documentary was the last straw for noted Heat-hater and Slate blogger Tom Scocca (you might remember he was one of the writers who dumped on an 8-year-old Heat fan):

The entitled jerk athlete you rooted for went and acted like an entitled jerk. Shocking. You want to renounce LeBron and everything he stands for? Then stop acting like LeBron is the center of the universe.
Even Miami fans know that the LeBron's Cleveland debacle stood above most other sports back stabbings, but enough is enough.

Sure, we would have been pissed if Dwayne Wade acted on the very real possibility of skipping town this summer. Sure, we probably still would occasionally be pissing and moaning if Dan Marino had ever left. Yeah, no one loves the fact that Jason Taylor is now a Jet, or that hometown star Teddy Bridgewater is apparently headed to some shit school in Kentucky and not The U, where he originally committed. But would we or did we ever carry on to this degree? Uh, probably not. Then again, we're a pretty lazy sports fanbase. It's nice not to care so much sometimes, Cleveland. Try it sometime. Or make a film about it. Whatever.

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