Dolphins Not Just Keeping Sparano, But Offering Him Contract Extension

Well, according to ESPN, the Dolphins have not only decided to keep Tony Sparano on as head coach but now they're prepared to offer him a one year contract extension. Meaning not only will he be back in 2011, but 2012 as well. This is probably a way to save some face and patch over some of the awkwardness and embarrassment that occurred when the owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland were reportedly prepared to throw tons of money at Stanford Coach Jim Harbaugh while not officially firing Sparano.

This morning, we wrote that the situation was akin to "telling your wife, 'Listen honey, you're an OK wife. I'm not saying I don't want to be married to you, but I kind of have a chance with this really hot model chick. So, let's put our marriage on hold for a few weeks while I see if I can tap that ass, OK?'"

This is the equivalent of offering her a shiny diamond ring after your ass got shot down by said model. It's a modified play from the Kobe Bryant PR playbook.

ESPN doesn't say how much the extension is worth, but does note that there's "raw emotions stemming from the team's pursuit of Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh."

This may patch things up with Sparano, but it doesn't do a lot to rehabilitate the already questionable character Ireland has displayed in public during his stint with the Dolphins.

He let fan favorite Jason Taylor walk away while showing little respect. He asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a whore. Now he's kept his publicly betrayed his coach. He hasn't quite reached Rex Ryan like levels of dickheaded-ness, but he's getting there.

Maybe though this is all part of some elaborate PR move to get fans back on Sparano's side. Last week he was the most hated man in Miami. This week, well, we can't help but feel kind of sorry for the guy and hopes he succeeds.

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