Girls Gone Wild is Casting in Miami Beach on Wednesday

Ladies who have a vested interested in keeping their breasted interests private might want to steer clear of Automatic Slim's on South Beach this Wednesday. Women who don't mind appearing topless on television screens of men too timid to buy real porn, well then perk up and make your plans. Yes, Girls Gone Wild will be casting for their HDNet reality television show this Wednesday at Automatic Slim's.

GGW is preparing for the second season of

The Hottest Girl in America, which is mostly censored and airs at 1 a.m. on HDNet (yes, be warned ladies, you may be somewhat censored but you will be appearing in high definition).

We don't really know what happens on the show since we don't have HDNet and we aren't that timid, but we gather it's some sort of competition show where fans vote on "The Hottest Girl in America." Well, the hottest girl who doesn't mind casual nudity.

Of course, table reservations are "strongly suggested" for guys looking to onlook.

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