Casey Anthony's Lawyer: Trayvon Martin's Family Guilty of "Racial Bigotry"

Cheney Mason, the lawyer who will forever be known as the guy who got Casey Anthony off charges of killing her daughter, has decided to open his mouth about the Trayvon Martin case. His remarks were not only critical of Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey, but also of Trayvon Martin's family. Mason apparently thinks they're spreading racial bigotry.

Police were originally prepared to charge George Zimmerman with manslaughter on the night of Trayvon Martin's murder before a prosecutor decided there wasn't enough evidence. Last night, Corey announced she would be pursuing a harsher second-degree murder charge.

"It's political prostitution," Mason told the Miami Herald. "Now I don't have all the facts -- no one does -- but you look at what we know of the case and it looks like the prosecutor bowed to other pressures."

Of course, Corey's harsher charges may be part of a strategy to get Zimmerman to accept a lower charge during a plea deal, and a jury could end up convicting Zimmerman of lesser charges.

Mason also thinks there's a lot of racial bigotry floating around in this case, but he doesn't think most of it is coming from Zimmerman's family or supporters.

"The fact is there is lots of racial bigotry in this case," Mason said. "And a lot of it is coming from the side of Trayvon Martin's family. I can understand why his family is upset. They lost a child. But they weren't at the crime scene. None of us was."

"None of us was?" Well that grammatical flap was only the second most ignorant thing in that quote.

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