Rick Sanchez Gets Interrupted at Twitter Awards While Trying to Award a Llama

Rick Sanchez is the king of Twitter, obviously and hosted the site's annual award show "The Shortys" last night at the The New York Times' TimesCenter.

While he wasn't meeting Grover, or joking about his recent criticized coverage of the Chile earthquake (From PRNewser: "I think the reason they chose me [to host] is because I'm a guy who does things fast," pointing out that Jon Stewart recently "said that I remind him of a guy who is high on cocaine at a party.") he got interrupted while trying to give an award to Llama.

"I'm going to drink your water, CNN. I'm going to ruin your microphone," said the crasher after shouting, "I tweet things! I tweet! ahhhh!" That video is of course, after the jump.