Rakontur Puts Plans for Sequel to Hurricanes Football Doc The U on Hold

Despite The U, Rakontur's documentary on Miami Hurricane's football during the '80s, being a critical and ratings smash and one of the best films in ESPN's lauded "30 for 30" series, director Billy Corben has put plans for a sequel on hold. The news comes after the University of Miami apparently demanded that an image of its logo be removed from the original film's DVD box cover. "There are some really bad people over there," Corben said yesterday while making the announcement on Sid Rosenberg's WQAM radio show.

Corben told Bill Cooke at Random Pixels that work on the sequel had "become more trouble than it's worth."

The first doc was made without the help of the school. In fact the administration put up several roadblocks during production, and banned anyone currently involved with the program from being interviewed.

The film's success led to plans for a sequel, jokingly referred to as The U 2, that would have covered the program's sanctions during the '90s and their eventual fifth national championship in 2001. Other events past 2001, including the destruction of the Orange Bowl and some 7th Floor Crew non-scandal you might have heard about were also said to be included.

But the plans have been dropped after the school has sought the removal of their logo from Michael Irvin's helmet shown on the DVD box cover of the original.

We're not sure why University of Miami continually tries to stop anything that rehashes or celebrates the former outlaw image of the team, because most times they just cause themselves more embarrassment by coming off as overzealous censors.

Instead, Rakontur will redirect work toward upcoming flicks Square Grouper, Dawg Fight, and other projects related to the successful Cocaine Cowboys.