As Diana Nyad Swims 48 Continuous Hours in an NYC Pool, Maybe Nyad Truthers Will Quit Doubting Her

Five weeks ago, Diana Nyad completed her historic 53-hour swim from Havana to Key West. But days after Nyad crawled onto the Keys gasping for breath, internet interlocutors raised doubts that the 63-year-old actually completed her lifelong dream. Members of claimed she cheated at the 30-hour mark by climbing aboard a ship.

Now Nyad is swimming for 48 continuous hours in an NYC pool to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims. Hordes of people are there watching, cheering, and generally observing Nyad not chilling inside a large vessel.

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"Unlike the ocean, where we respect rules of the sport to the letter and I never receive any flotation or forward progress aid, where I would never touch the boat, hang onto the boat, or certainly get out onto the boat, there are no rules for these 48 hours," Nyad wrote about the event, which began yesterday and will end tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.

Nyad can stop to hug supporters and take bathroom breaks. (Other supporters are swimming in lanes beside her, so not peeing in the water is probably a good idea.) Even though she doesn't have to, Nyad will tread water while eating and drinking rather than standing on the pool deck like a little baby.

As of this morning, the event had raised closed to $60,000 for Hurricane Sandy victims. Interested parties, perhaps even posters at, can observe every second of Nyad's swimming on this live feed.

If you're not into the swimming, check it out for the sweet jams. Nyad's feat of endurance is being soundtracked to Motown hits. Unlike swimming back and forth in a pool for two days, listening to the Temptations and the Four Tops never gets old.

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