Miami Teens Arrested After Video of Beating Is Posted on Facebook

The number one rule of social media and the number one rule of crime should be the same: Don't post your crimes on social media, and make sure no one else does either.

Two Miami-Dade teens ignored that golden rule and wound up behind bars today after a video of them beating a man popped up on Facebook.

According to CBS Miami and NBC Miami, Alexander Baztan, 18, and Eduardo Rodriguez, 19, were arrested for assaulting 21-year-old Adriano Boniche. The beating took place last month at 10020 SW 12th St. after the three men got into a confrontation. Baztan allegedly punched Boniche several times, and after Boniche went down, Baztan continued to kick the man.

Boniche suffered a shattered cheekbone so severe it required surgery. Stitches were also required for cuts on his face.

The fight was caught on camera, but it's unclear who posted the video on Facebook. While making an appearance in bond court, Boniche said he didn't post it. Though there are several photos of the underaged Baztan holding liquor bottles in local clubs, the video does not appear on his public Facebook page.

Baztan's bail was set at $7,500, while Rodriguez was being held without bond for violating probation.

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