George Sheldon, Obama Official, To Challenge Pam Bondi in Attorney General Race

Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi has been doing a lot of fundraising lately, but she hasn't drawn a Democrat opponent yet. Well, George Sheldon, who most recently was an undersecretary in President Obama's Department of Health and Human Services, has announced he'll run, setting up a duel that could focus on Obamacare.

Sheldon served as an assistant Attorney General under Bob Buttersworth, the most recent Democratic AG. He also served as the Florida's Department of Children & Families secretary under Charlie Crist, and most recently has been Acting Assistant Secretary for the Administration for Children and Families in the Department of HHS.

Sheldon previously ran for the Democratic nomination for AG in 2002, but finished third.

Sheldon announced his intention on Facebook:

"Taking on predatory lenders, human traffickers, and those who engage in deceptive practices is the job of the Attorney General...not working full time trying to deny health insurance to children and anyone with preexisting conditions," Sheldon said.

"This race is about character. Who has the experience and character to use the office of attorney general for general good rather than as a personal, political, partisan platform," he added.

Bondi has most recently faced criticism for delaying the execution of a death row inmate to host a fancy fundraiser and for pulling in a big donation from Donal Trump.

Sheldon has also previously told The Herald that he takes issued with Bondi's constant attacks against the Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare.

"What concerns me is the continual flailing against the Affordable Care Act," Sheldon said. "You had it passed by Congress, signed by the president, an election held over it and a Supreme Court decision. At a certain point, we have to move on... but it's still in her talking points."

Of course, Sheldon could still face opponents in a Democratic primary.