Instead of Making Fun of Endangered Resources, Groupon Lets You Save One: The Miami Herald

The glorious Miami Herald, once one of the proudest newspapers in the world. This is is Jimmy 'Dy-No-Mite' Walker. The reporters of The Miami Herald are in trouble. Their very culture is in jeopardy. But they still churn out an amazing spider bopper every Sunday, and since 20 of us bought at, we're each getting $80 worth of the Sunday paper for only $10.

Next year's Groupon Super Bowl commercial?

After Groupon's ill-received Super Bowl ads in which they poked fun of serious issues and both endangered cultures and species, today's Miami deal from the coupon site actually lets you both save money and help save something gravely endangered: The Miami Herald. Yes, you really can get a year-long subscription to Sunday edition The Herald for only $10.

"In addition to being a source of crucial information, newspapers can also be fanned across a coffee table to conceal almond-butter stains or rolled into a handy bopping device to stun tarantulas. Get a steady supply of spider-boppers with today's Groupon," reads the ad. [Sign-in required.]

How proud. Though, apparently 1,285 people so far are in need of spider-boppers.

We should point out that New Times is somewhat in competition with both The Herald (by being a newspaper, albeit a weekly one with a glossy cover that does look much better concealing almond-butter stains on your coffee table) and Groupon (by offering our own deal-of-the-day service), but maybe the joke was worth it. No? Sorry.

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