Ads in Attorney General Race are the Best Legal Drama on TV

Republican Attorney General candidate Pam Bondi's latest campaign ad is pretty damn good. Actually we're not sure if it would work better as an actual campaign ad or a trailer for an upcoming CBS legal drama. It's pure Hollywood, with stirring string music, ominous sound effects, and a spooky sounding narrator towards the end who we half expect to continue on with "coming to prime time this Fall." Her Democratic opponent Dan Gelber's ads aren't bad either.

Here's Bondi's:

A couple of nit picks here: Gelber has vast experience as a federal prosecutor too, and was also the Chief Counsel and Staff Director of the U.S. Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. So, he's more than a "long time politicians," and there's little evidence he's "stopped listening to" his constituents in his Miami Beach state senate district.

We're also not sure she can claim Dan Gelber "is the system," considering Republicans have been in power in Tallahassee continually since 1998.

Not to be outdone, here's Gelber's latest super slick ad. It's got ominous music too, and Gelber provides his own deep-voiced narration.

That claim about Bonding telling " a group of lobbyists that she'll side with corporate special interests," well Politifact rated that as "barely true."

With such slick ads and misrepresentation of facts, you know, these two might actually want to think about teaming up for a Hollywood legal drama.