George Reiger Will Have All 2,200 of His Disney Tattoos Removed Before Starting a New Life in Miami

For years George Reiger filled a gaping hole in his heart with a love for all things Disney. He's collected several thousands pieces of Disney memorabilia ;and he even had 2,200 individual Disney-related tattoos inked on his body. His devotion to the happiest place on earth may have made him appear to be the happiest man on earth, but deep down he was lonelier than Quasimodo, the Beast, and Eeyore combined.

That's all about to change. He's found actual love with a lady in Miami, but before he moves here he's going to have his tattoos removed. All 2,200 hundred.

Reiger has been termed Disney's number one fan, and his devotion to the studio has been chronicled in the press through out the years. He's even showed off his house on national TV and claimed, "Whenever I do Disney, think Disney or buy Disney all my problems are gone."

Though, Reiger was never quite truthful. He had claimed to have been married six-times but left all of his wives because they could never compare with Mickey. Apparently that was all a fairy tale.

Reports The Philadelphia Inquierer:
Although he claimed in TV and newspaper stories that he had had six wives - and lost them all because Disney always came first - he now says that he lied and that he was as lonely as Quasimodo and got tattooed because he craved attention.
Jeez, people get tattoos because they crave attention? That's a new one.

When visiting Disney Parks Reigers admits he never even had time to ride the rides because he was too busy showing of his tattoos to others.

Now, he's finally found love -- at a Disney convention, of course. He meet Kathleen (last name not given), a resident of Miami at a convention in California earlier this year. He plans to move here in January, but first he'll have all 2,200 tattoos removed. That might be a pricey procedure, but Reiger will also be selling off his entire collection of Disney memorabilia. The sale could net him up to $100,000.

"I found a new life; I want to start fresh," he tells The Inquirer.

Reiger isn't swearing of Disney completely though. The couple is currently on a Disney theme cruise, and moving to Miami will put him closer to the company's Orlando parks.