Former Miami Beach Cop Says He Was Called "Rag Head" and "Camel Jockey" by Supervisors

As an apparent follow-up to our cover story about the Miami Beach Police Department's many problems and excessively high pay, CBS4 is reporting about the case of Feras Ahmad, who was hired as a part time officer in 2007. Just as staff writer Tim Elfrink wrote last month, Ahmad says  serving on the force had always been a dream, but it was quickly shattered when he received continued insults based on his Arab heritage from supervisors.

Ahmad says he was called "rag head, camel jockey" and other racial slurs that CBS4 refuses to print during his less than two weeks on the job.

"I tried to be a team player and brush it off," Ahmad tells the station. "I took it as an offense. But I didn't want to cause any waves. I just thought this is my dream. This is what I wanted. This is where I wanted to be. I didn't want to cause any waves. I didn't want to be the outcast."

However he was fired nine days later. So now Ahmad has filed suit and a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Because the suit is pending, the police department refuses to comment.

Ahmad currently works for the force in Sweetwater, where his chief offers nothing but praise.

Bummer is that CBS4 forgot to credit us. We're sure they will remember next time, though.