Adorable Pug Reunited With Iraq War Veteran After Two Years

Zadesky Vega, a former U.S. Marine, bought a little pug about three years ago and named her Roxy. The precocious pup escaped one day from Vega's mothers house in South-West Miami-Dade. Neighbors say they saw someone pick her up in a truck and drive away. After putting up flyers and searching for Roxy, Vega eventually gave up hope of ever seeing the dog again.

Since then he tells WSVN he was sent to Iraq, and in the meantime got another Pug named E.T.

Then recently Vega got a call from Miami-Dade Animal Services saying they'd found his dog. Roxy was found wandering the streets and brought into Animal Services. Vega had had an ID chip implanted in her back, and Animal Services was able to connect her back to Vega through the chip. The two were reunited after nearly two years, which is straight up adorable. Now Vega is the proud owner of two Pugs, which is really all anyone could ask out of life, isn't it?

No one really knows where Roxy had been for the past two years. One can only hope she was having Dudley Moore-narrated adventures with an orange tabby kitten.

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