Miami Dade College Really Overestimates the Importance of Rumer Willis

Riptide just got the latest issue of Leap magazine, and we eagerly thumbed through it. It's only the hottest junk mail promotional material sent out by Miami Dade College, who would dear miss an issue?

We came across an interesting page in which the school highlights all the notables who have visited the school recently.

Why whose that noted influencer sandwiches between the three most recent President of the United State and friggin' Bill Gates? Why it's ...me ...no wait ...sorry! It's Rumer Willis. (We get mistaken for each other a lot.)

Yes, Rumer Willis. Most famous for being the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and guest starring in that episode of Workaholics that also featured Lori Beth Denberg.

Indeed, Willis did attend a premier of an indie flick she appeared in at the MDC-sponsored Miami International Film Festival earlier this year.

Here is a list of other notables who have visited the college in recent years who didn't make the spread:

But whatever, ain't none of them quite on that Rumer Willis level.

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