Kat Stacks Hasn't Changed: The World's Most Hated Web Star After One Year

Andrea Herrera slides headphones off her sleek black mane and steps out of a recording booth. Wearing a tight blue dress and pumps that are a half-size too big, she's anxious as she leans against a nearby pool table -- or at least as anxious as one can be after drinking half a bottle of cognac.

It's late October, and just the day before, the 23-year-old released her first single, a repetitious dis track called "Bitch Who," but on this Tuesday, she's more interested in her day job: instigating. Inside a dimly lit Miami Gardens office complex, she spends a half-hour crafting a perfectly composed photo for her 68,000 Instagram followers to tear apart.

The former Tootsie's stripper looks up from her Android phone and bats her cartoonish eyelashes before relaying, "Someone just said I look like I was born with a dick."

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