Pastor Who Worked at Disney World Caught Looking at Child Porn at the Office

Someone looking at child porn in the office is creepy. Someone looking at child porn while at Disney World is skin crawling. A pastor looking at child porn is just sick. Only in Florida, though, do you get pastors who work at Disney World getting caught looking at child porn and contacting underaged girls during office hours.

For the past 7-and-a-half years Cedric Cuthbert has worked an office job at Disney World. For the past three years he's also spent his weekends working as a pastor at Historic St. James AME Church in nearby Sanford, Florida.

However, Disney caught wind that Cuthbert was using his work computer for inappropriate reasons and contacted police back in April. Cuthbert allegedly tried to access blocked websites at work and had downloaded an inappropriate pornographic video according to Click Orlando. He also viewed several inappropriate YouTube channels featuring young girls, and then would write to the girls things like, "you are so cute! Great sexy bodi! Send me a private vid."

After Disney tipped off police, Cuthbert was arrested on charges of solicitation of a minor via computer and possession of material depicting sexual performance by a child. The arrest affidavit also noted that semen stains were found in his office.

His current employment status with both Disney and his church is currently unknown. However, as a condition of his bail Cuthbert is forbidden form having contact with minors except for his own two young sons.

Oh, but here's the kicker: in addition to viewing child porn on his office computer, Cuthbert also used the same machine to type up at least two Sunday sermons based off the Bible passages John 13 and Psalm 148.

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