George LeMieux's French-Sounding Name is Hottest Issue in Republican Senate Primary

The race for the Republican nomination to take on Sen. Bill Nelson next year is in a sad state of affairs. Some grassroots nobody named Mike McCallister is leading the pack with 17 percent of the vote, but 58 percent of Republican voters are still undecided. Meanwhile, the two establishment candidates, former Sen. George LeMieux and state Rep. Adam Hasner, are busy attacking each other. Hasner's latest attack on LeMieux: his name is French.

Here's the bumper sticker Hasner's campaign is putting out. (Which you are likely to see on no cars, because, really, who wants to deface their car with GOP senate primary attack stickers?)

LeMieux was of course Charlie Crist's former chief of staff, and the now-independent appointed him to serve out the remainder of Mel Martinez's term.

Hasner's been on the attack by trying to highlight the connection. Of course, this bumper sticker would be plainly in bad taste if, say, LeMieux's name was of a different ethnicity ("It's Hebrew for Crist" or "It's Spanish for Crist" certainly wouldn't fly).

"Adam Hasner, who is Jewish, and knows a thing or two (or should) about ethnic sensibilities, has decided it's okay to make an issue of George LeMieux's French ancestry," writes Ron Kampeas over at a Jewish news site.

To further hammer the French-attack angle home, Hasner sent out an email blast declaring, "George LeMieux wants Floridians to say 'c'est la vie' and believe his reinvention as a conservative is legitimate?"

C'est la vie? Oy vey.

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