Silicon Beach: Geek Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Geeks aren't exactly known for having the most seductive of charms, but then again, no one was ever born with a manual on how to properly express feelings of love ... or lust. So whether you are a geek in love or love someone who is a geek, here are a few romantic gift ideas for February 14.

Say "I love you" with a unique work of art. After all, chocolate makes you fat and roses wither and die. A print from Hugh MacLeod's "love" series is sure to last much longer hanging on your lover's wall. MacLeod himself is a geek of sorts and captures the deepest feelings of the heart in brief, but meaningful statements. Visit the Gaping Void Gallery to check out the series.

Take your emoticons to heart. Are you a total IM or Twitter dork who can only speak emoticon? Sweet Tooth Designs offers a sterling silver "<3" pendant with chain that is sure to please any woman with a soft spot for a geek.

Maybe your idea of poetry is hexadecimal code, which is why you should wear Geekthink's "roses are #FF0000/violets are #0000FF/all my base/are belong to you" T-shirt. Other geektastic items on the online shopping site include: bacon lip balm for some very savory kisses, a beating heart stress relief pillow and HTTPanties with error messages such as "413 Requested Entity Too Large."

Maybe you can't afford diamonds, but Swarovski crystal can be a girl's best friend, especially when she needs a little bling ... and data storage. The Robot USB Memory Keys

come in his or her "Happy Laura" and "Naughty Raymond" versions,

offering 2 GB storage with high-speed 2.0 interface. The cute and very

practical gadgets store up to 500 songs or 2,000 photos.

Make her sing to her hoochie's content. The stomach is not the only way to a woman's heart and she'll be eternally grateful of the reminder when she plays with the OhMiBod massager, which syncs to her iPod and vibrates to her favorite tunes or a playlist that you can create and share on Club Vibe. The battery-operated sex toy comes with its own velvety, discreet pouch.

And finally, if you must have chocolate, why not indulge in Paul Pape's custom-designed gaming box from his General Geekery Store.

The box, inscribed with "Wii belong together, you and Mii," includes

boy and girl chocolate figures in milk, white or dark chocolate.