Man Attempting to Skateboard All The Way to Miami Beach from Seattle

Myster Holliman will attempt to break the world record for longest trip taken by skateboard by rolling his way from Seattle all the way to right here in Miami Beach. Holliman, 22, will start his trek on June 1st and hopes to complete his trek within 8 or 9 months.

The head track coach at Fresno Christian High School left his native Fresno, California, last night. He'll start the ride by trekking from Seattle to San Diego and then heading East, though he doesn't have a specific route in mind.

To break the record he'll have to beat the 2008 milestone set by New Zealand native Rob Thomson in 2008. He traveled from Leysin, Switzerland to Shanghai, China, a total of 7,555.25, miles over 15 months. Holliman hopes to top out at a minimum 7,600 miles.

Holliman will have to take some detours to reach the distance. Google Maps says a trip from Seattle to Miami Beach with a stop in San Diego on the way is just 3,912 miles by road. There are no suggested pedestrian paths.

According to The Fresno Bee, Holliman will pack light. His backpack will include just a few extra clothes, some spare wheels, tools, and two water bottles. He'll sleep and eat where he can along the way.

You can follow his journey on a dedicated website as well as his Twitter account.

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