Casey Anthony Update: We Will Have to Wait 3 Months Before Irrationally Blaming Each Juror

Damn you Big Government. Always getting in the way of stuff. Like that one time President Barack O'Socialist tried to keep us from getting sick and dying without health care. Whatevs.

Well, ol' Biggie is up to it again, this time by preventing us Floridians from seeking righteous vengeance against the jurors who acquitted Casey Anthony -- known to Nancy Grace viewers as that "evil-looking," "slut," "liar," "guilty," "tot mom."

Judge Belvin Perry of Orlando has ordered a three-month "cooling off" period before he will release the jurors' names, meaning that we will have to reflexively lash out at other people instead.

Normally in Florida, the names of jurors enter the public record once a trial ends. But ever since the jury found Anthony not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee, on July 5, its twelve, still anonymous members have received a variety of threats.

On the day Anthony was acquitted, protesters at the Orange County courthouse held up signs reading "Arrest the Jury!" and "Jury 1-12 Guilty of Murder!!!" In the jurors' home county of Pinellas, at least one restaurant has put up a "jurors not welcome" sign. One juror retired early because of animosity from her coworkers.

As a result, despite press demands for the info and Perry's own admittal that he couldn't keep the names secret forever, the judge said he wouldn't release them until the end of October.

"Releasing the names of the jurors after such a 'cooling off' period fairly balances the public's access to information and the jurors' safety," Perry said.

From the looks of it, however, some bonkers brave Americans are already getting their bloodlust on, attacking anyone who looks remotely like Anthony.

Bravo, America. Bravo.