Dennis Rodman's Drunken Double Dine & Dash

I guess it would be reasonable to assume that after staggering off and forgetting to pay a $1000+ restaurant bill, you could give someone the benefit of the doubt that they wouldn't attempt the same thing two nights in a row. Then again, this is Dennis Rodman we're talking about. 

TMZ reported last week that while dining at a restaurant at the Gansevoort on South Beach, the former basketball star and current train-wreck got up without paying the bill. When the general manager inquired about who would be paying, he allegedly received a punch in the face from a member of Rodman's posse. The fight escalated outside, where *gasp* a Lamborghini's rear view mirror was knocked off. The bill was eventually paid, and no charges were pressed. 

Rodman denied the report, but now Page Six is reporting that he tried to ditch the bill the following night at a different restaurant in the same hotel. Their source claims Rodman was visibly drunk and police again had to be called until the bill was paid. 

What's the saying? Dennis Rodman fools you once Gansevoort, shame on him. Dennis Rodman fools you twice, shame on you.