Marlins Should Offer Giancarlo Stanton $200 Million

Tonight the Miami Marlins should call up Giancarlo Stanton's agent and offer the ballplayer a $200 million contract. Yes, tonight. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not this off-season. Tonight.

It's becoming increasingly clear that one surprisingly not-totally-crappy Miami Marlins season is not enough to convince Giancarlo Stanton that Miami is the place to spend his career. The Marlins need to ante up, call his bluff, and make an immediate attempt to show him they believe in him and want to pay him like the superstar he is.

The Marlins should put the ball in Stanton's court by offering him a contract that is fair for both sides so all the posturing can end. The team promised its fans the latest fire-sale profits would be spent on upgrading the roster, not pocketed, and so far that has yet to happen. Signing one of the brightest stars in Major League Baseball to a long-term deal would be a wise investment for multiple reasons.