No Hating on The Lead

I think when we write about another alt-weekly it comes off as trying to kick the competition or something, but in actuality it comes out of a pure fascination with the state of the media at the moment (it hits close to home, after all). Which is why we're surprised/delighted/shocked that a new weekly, The Lead will be popping up on Miami Beach.

Starting a print publication from scratch is a tricky proposition given the present economy and advertising downturn (hey McClatchy stocks, how you doin'?). Though, if The Lead has one thing going for it, it's that, anecdotally at least, locally-owned alt weeklies in small markets seem to be doing alright. Well, actually we don't know who owns The Lead, and calling Miami Beach a "small market" might be a stretch. Plus, The SunPost fits that description, sort of, and well...

Their site was updated today with their media kit, meant for potential advertisers. From that we've gleened a few new details.

It will be a weekly with an initial circulation of 10,000. They'll use the same targeted condo distribution method the SunPost has used, and it will be available in clubs, bars, and some businesses. But there's no mention of curbside distribution boxes.

They also promise a strong online presence! Which is exciting. More blogs in the neighborhood for Riptide to play with!

As for who's staffing the thing: well, there's not much news to report there. Though, it seems former SunPost editor Angie Hargot is involved.