Are You a La-Tea-No? Fox News Launches News Site for Hispanic Audience

When Fox News host John Gibson found out that according to some predictions, the majority of Americans might be Hispanic, he bluntly instructed his Anglo viewers to "have more babies." When Fox News's business side finally realized the same thing, it decided to introduce a website with all the right-wing bias you've come to love and expect from Fox News, but with a distinctive Latin flavor. went live this morning, and went heavy on the puns, teasing one story as "La-Tea-Nos?" The story reads about as much as an actual news story as it does a recruitment letter to Hispanic voters to join the movement.

"La-Tea-Nos" is only the second worst pun on the main page, right afte, "It's Not Easy Being Green Card Worthy."

The website, while not a breaking-news site, also includes more general news, entertainment, and sports headlines, and also posts stories in Spanish and English.