Meek Ad: Charlie Crist Used to Love George W. Bush, Sarah Palin

As most other Democratic senate candidates in the nation try to scuttle to the political middle in the face of a climate that's supposedly hostile to liberals, Florida's Kendrick Meek is in the unique position of reminding everyone, proudly, that he's a tried and true Democrat. That's because Independent candidate Charlie Crist is cutting deeply into the Democratic vote, and Meek's advisers figure his best path to winning is by capitalizing on Democrats' voter registration in the state.

Here's Meek latest ad in which he reminds everyone that despite Charlie Crist's awkward promises he's a middle man, he has a long history of kissing up to the some of the more right wing aspects and politicians of the GOP.

It's certainly not the kind of attack ad that's going to blow up in Meek's face, but will it help him? Recent poll numbers suggest that support for Meek amongst his own party is growing, despite turncoats like former Rep. Wexler and former Florida Democratic Party Chair Charles Whitehead have publicly endorsed Crist.

Which just goes to show you how scared and spineless some Dems are. There's no guarantee Crist will caucus with Dems, and if anything we think he'll still feel more comfortable in the Republican party.

Considering Barack Obama just won Florida in 2008 on a fairly liberal platform, Democratic governor Candidate Alex Sink, according to most polls, is leading or at least holding her own, and Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in the state, Democratic politicians, leaders and voters could at least pretend to put up a god damned fight for their candidate instead of rolling over for a man who declared himself a "pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax Republican" as Meek's ad reminds us.