The Party Crasher - Carmen Electra, A Slew of Celebs and Athletes Hit Blackjack at the Hard Rock

Tracy Block

Carmen Electra takes time out of her slammin’ schedule to host the launch of blackjack at the Hard Rock Sunday night, seemingly the best course since a juicy cut of Filet Mignon.

The town’s gone crazy, that is for certain. Whether it’s over sun exposure, we just can’t tell. A swarm of thousands flocked to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood Sunday night for the launch of blackjack.

As though we weren’t all blowing Benjamins on enough crap as is, bombshell Carmen Electra comes into town to blow up our spot. The diva herself catapulted what seems like Florida’s biggest claim to fame since the harvesting of oranges. And although she would rather be “gambling on my favorite outfit to wear” the starlet took time out to sit at the table for the first legal dealing of the game.

Along with the sextress clad in an aqua-esque sequin ensemble, gaming fanatics scrambled over to the pit near Center Bar in the casino to get a glimpse of the divalicious doll and a few other legends on hand for the event. Dwayne Wade, Heather Graham and Lorraine Bracco also headed over to Hollywood to support the “cause,” throwing in their 21 cents and a few chips for show. With $25 minimums until 11 p.m., the house was jam-packed with VIPs, onlookers and card enthusiasts, all trying to scheme ways to get a seat at any table that was open

Former Miami Heat guard Eddie Jones posted for a couple of hours breaking into the bank, while athletic greats like Gino Torretta, Bob Kuechenberg, Howard Schnellenberger, Zack Crockett, Nat Moore and OJ McDuffie headed a legendary table all their own. Either way, nothing else mattered in South Florida as the dealers warmed the automatic shuffler and playas hit up the ATM.

P.S.: Yours truly won a hot $500, so record that one for the books.

- Tracy Block