Bieyanka Moore: Who's the Male Porn Star Who Possibly Had Filmed Sex With a 15-Year-Old?

The man pictured here had on-camera sex with a girl who, as it turns out, might have been 15 years old. Video of their copulation was then broadcasted on the Internet. Oops.

As we reported Monday, a Florida mother is suing RK Netmedia, owner of, claiming her underage runaway daughter was featured, under the name Bieyanka Moore, in a hard-core film on the porn site.

Attorneys representing both sides of the civil case claim they don't have any information about Moore's male counterpart. But that's a pretty distinctive arm tattoo. And let's face it: You watch a lot of porn. Have you seen him in anything else? Do you know his real or stage name?

Florida criminal law is clear in stating that ignorance of a minor's true age, or "misrepresentation" on the minor's part, may not be raised as a defense in cases involving underage sex.

This isn't a witch hunt. If this porn star is culpable, it stands to reason that the producers and managers who set up the shoot are as well -- possibly more so. What we're trying to do at this point is shed some light on what is a very murky and troubling situation. We hope to have information later in the week about who was directly responsible for the film's production. RK, after all, is only a distributor.

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