Alan Grayson Auditions for MSNBC on the House Floor

Our fellow Floridians in the Orlando area resoundingly kicked Rep. Alan Grayson out of office this election in a 19 point defeat. Apparently they do not care that the rest of America enjoys being entertained by his off-the-wall speeches on the House floor. He's already told Dick Cheney to literally "STFU" and said Republicans want you to "die quickly." We will miss that hot liberal mess so much, but before he's officially out of office he's still finding time to make a crazy speech. We can only hope MSNBC gives this man a show.

Grayson took to the House floor yesterday to protest the idea of extending the Bush tax cuts. He figures the average income of those benefiting from the tax cuts is $1.4 million, and their tax savings amounts to around $87,000 a year. He highlights all the wonderful things they could buy with that money: a brand new Mercedes Benz e-class, a bottle of wine from 1787, or 800 luxury cigars with enough money left over to light them all with a $100 bill.

He also suggest they could buy a nice Hermès Birkin bag, which retail for around $67,000. Though, maybe in a bit of faux populist outrage he mispronounces it as "hermies." It's actually more like "ear-mez," darling. If you're gonna be on TV you gotta learn how to pronounce your words correctly. Though, if they did buy a Birkin they'd still have lots of money left over for Gukki sunglasses, Versayki shoes, and some Jivenchee perfume.

The Daily Beast ran an interview with Grayson today, and he doesn't talk firmly about his future other than that he'd be open to running for elected office again. Though, he doesn't deny the possibility he could become a cable new commenter.

"As I understand it, we're not even supposed to be talking to people about that until the job is over, which is January 2nd," Grayson demurred when asked about the possibility directly. "I think that's how the rules are written... They've already told us that there will be votes in December."

Though, he did joke about being open to the idea of Sarah Palin-like reality show. We can't wait until Alan Grayson's Florida.