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Survey: Miami Is Latin Americans' Favorite Dream Place to Live

A recent survey asked Latin American citizens to choose the city in which they'd most like to live. They overwhelming picked Miami, with just less than a fourth of the vote. Which once again proves the Magic City really is the capital of Latin America.

The survey was nonscientific and conducted by the Argentina-based online news source The 3,921 respondents could pick from a list that included only Miami, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogota, Mexico City, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Havana, Quito, and San Jose.

Nearly a quarter -- 24.61 percent -- chose Miami. Sure, it's an informal poll and featured only Latin American hubs, but some of the reasons participants chose Miami is a bit amusing.

"I love my crazy Buenos Aires, I just wish it'd have some of Miami's organization, that would make me happy," participant Adriana Lucía wrote.

Yes. You read that right. Someone is actually jealous of Miami's order and organization.

"I love my country, but Miami seems like a great city, great beaches!" another respondent wrote.

Miami was followed by Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, came in last with just 0.93 percent of the vote. Fidel Castro, however, will be none to pleased to know Havana ranked second to last, garnering only 1.76 percent of the vote. Gee, it seems like no one is really all that eager to set up home under a Communist regime.

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