Judge Won't Let Tony Bosch Delay His Sentencing Again For More Drug Rehab

In just under a month, Tony Bosch is scheduled to face the music for his years selling steroids to ballplayers from his Coral Galbes clinic Biogenesis. In the meantime, though, Bosch has been trying to work through his own addiction to decidedly non-performance enhancing drugs.

Bosch lost his bail back in October after failing cocaine tests, and had previously admitted to the feds that he had a daily yeyo habit. The steroid dealer has been in rehab ever since and last week, asked the federal judge in his case for another two months of therapy before facing prison.

The judge, though, has decided Bosch has had enough time in rehab.

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Federal Judge Darrin P. Gayles denied the request from Bosch's attorney, Guy Lewis, on Friday. That means Bosch's sentencing -- where he could face up to 10 years in prison -- is set to go forward on Feb. 17.

Lewis had asked for a 60 day continuance so Bosch could continue his drug rehab programs. The faux doctor was led away in handcuffs from federal court back in October after the failed tests came to light, and spent a month in a court-mandated facility; since then, Lewis says, he's been in a voluntary outpatient facility.

"Bosch is on virtual lockdown. He has limited access to his family. He has limited access to his attorneys as well," Lewis writes. "Private telephone calls with Mr. Bosch are limited. In-person access to Mr. Bosch is restricted and limited."

Bosch is "making progress" in the facility, Lewis says, but his doctors have recommended a stint in a halfway house as the final step in his rehab. That's why they asked for another 60 days.

"This phase will not only allow Mr. Bosch to fully complete his recommended

substance abuse treatment, but it will also allow Mr. Bosch and his counsel the access required to prepare for his sentencing," Lewis wrote.

Gayles, though, apparently believes Bosch has had plenty of time to dry out before heading to prison. He denied the request without comment, setting up a final date with the court on Feb. 17.

Here's Lewis' motion:

Bosch No Delay

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