Woman Thought She Saw Casey Anthony, Allegedly Tried to Kill Her (UPDATED)

Casey Anthony doesn't get out of prison until Sunday, but the crazies are already out nationwide.

Shireen Nalley was arrested in Oklahoma last Friday after police say Nalley saw a woman who looked like Casey Anthony in a convenience store and then followed the woman and ran her off the road. The 26-year-old victim was unhurt but said her pickup truck flipped two and a half times. When Nalley was arrested, she told police she was "trying to save the children," according to Tulsa's KOTV.

Anthony was acquitted July 5 of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, and, after being given credit for time served awaiting trial, will be released Sunday despite convictions for multiple counts of lying to investigators. Tensions have been so high in the Department Of Not Caring What The Courts Say Because We Want Blood that the judge in the case has been reluctant to even release the names of the jurors, not because of hounding by the media, but out of fear of public harassment.

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