Miami Beach Named Sexiest Beach in the World, Because Duh

It's really not fair that two travel sites have decided to release their awards for best beaches on this, a week of cold and misery across the nation.

Here in Miami we can't even use our own beaches right now. (We mean, there's probably some weird European tourists out there now like, "Oh, so warm here. Very nice." But locals on the beach right now? Not a chance.) But when the weather does warm up, please know the beach you're going to is the sexiest beach in the world.

That's according to Travel Channel's Best Beach Awards 2015 which were chosen by a panel of beach experts including Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal, professional kitesurfer Chris DuComb, and the channel's own Marianela Pereyra.

You don't have to leave the East Coast to slip away to this year's sexiest beach. An easy getaway from New York, Miami has everything you need according to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal. "Soft sand, beautiful warm water, interesting people, volleyball and fun spots to go to for a bite or a beverage nearby" says Agdal. Plus, "it's acceptable to wear tiny bikinis." Whether you're reveling in South Beach's legendary nightlife or sleeping off the night before in a private cabana, Miami is the place for hot days and nights.

Meanwhile, TripAdvisor's 2015 Travelers Choice awards named South Beach as the 21st best beach in America, which is kind of a low ranking. It's topped by other Florida beaches including Siesta Key, St. Pete Beach, Pensacola, Clearwater, St. Augustine, Panama City, Fort Myers, and Hollywood ... yeah, it pretty much ran through every other beach in Florida before mentioning South Beach. That's so shady for a supposedly sunny list.

Then again, none of those beaches are known for being particularly sexy, and maybe TripAdvisor is just put off by the acceptability of wearing tiny bikinis.

But who would you trust? TripAdvisor users or a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model?

Clearly a swimsuit model, because this is Miami.

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