Bill Nelson Is America's Most Googled Living Senator, Somehow

Out of all the senators who served in Congress this year, our Bill Nelson was the second most Googled senator, according to the New York Times. He came in, understandably, just after the late Ted Kennedy. This means Nelson is America's most Googled serving senator. 

No one is really sure why. He's pretty low-key as far as senators go. He somehow even beat John McCain, Harry Reid, and Al Franken (unless Google deducted searches related to Stuart Smalley). 

Nelson does come from one of the more populous states. (But do Florida's old people even know what Google is? Or maybe it's the only thing they're familiar with online so they just put in their senator's name all day and marvel at technology.) Of course, Nelson killed every wild python throughout the state this year, and he did travel into space that one time. So congratulations, Senator Spacesnakes, on your Interwebs dominance.