Shark Bites Man in Coral Gables

Spear fishing for barracuda, in this temperature no less, doesn't exactly seem like a fun time to Riptide. Add in a visit from an aggressive shark, and you've got yourself one lousy fishing trip.

According to Local 10, 32-year-old Dreyser Chirino was doing just that this morning in Matheson Hammock, and had just run his spear through a barracuda when a 12-to-13 foot bullshark arrived on the scene.

The big fish's jaws sprung for the 'cuda and took a chunk of Chirino's arm with it.

After a 25 minute ride back the marina, Chirino was taken to South Miami Hospital where he's recovering.

Chirino's dive partner told Local Ten that they've gone spear fishing several time with sharks nearby, but this is the first time one has attacked. No word on whether this will be their last.