Dolphins Teammates Called Jonathan Martin "Big Weirdo," Insulted His Family

Jonathan Martin had enough of his teammate's bullying. The Dolphins tackle abruptly left the training facility earlier this week and checked himself into a hospital for mental issues. Now Fox Sports reports that Martin was a victim of systematic bullying. His teammates had nicknamed him "Big Weirdo" and insulted his family.

The breaking point came, as previously reported, when some players (as in grown men, some of whom are paid millions of dollars a year) pulled some Mean Girls shenanigans. When Martin tried to join them for lunch the players all got up from the table and left him alone.

But that was just the latest in a culture of bullying aimed at Martin, a Stanford-grad whose parents are both Harvard-educated lawyers. Fox Sports says players had teased him since he came into the league a season and half ago, and had started calling him "Big Weirdo." They also insulted his family.

The report says that the bullying went well beyond normal hazing, and that Dolphins brass were aware of what was going on.

Currently there's no timetable for Martin's return.

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