Bill McCollum May Enter Gov Race on Monday

According to Naked Politics, Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum will officially enter the Governor's race on Monday in Orlando. 

McCollum spent 20 years in the US House. A career that included a number of high profile leadership and chairmen positions. He tried to run for Senate in 2000, but lost in the general election to Bill nelson. He tried to run for Senate again in 2004, but lost to Mel Martinez in the primary, because he is "the darling of homosexual extremists" or something, even though he's not. Finally he won his first state wide election in 2006 and became our Attorney General. He ran some ads paid for by taxpayer money that were ostensibly about making sure children staid away from Mark Foley and other creepy people on the internet, but caught flack when people fingered them as a way to enhance his state-wide name recognition. 

Now he will enter the Governor's race, and will most likely be the early front-runner on the Republican side.