News Roundup

  • Yesterday we broke some sort of heat record, and today we may do it again. [CBS4]
  • Our five favorite congressmen (Wasserman Schultz, Meek, Ros-Lehtinen, and the Diaz-Balarts) will be heading off to meet with the president of Haiti. [USAToday]
  • You know those charter schools that some politicians think are the future of education in America? Well, apparently a lot of them aren't even performing as well as public schools. And, well, that's not very good at all. [CBS4]
  • Guns shipped out of Miami seem to be fueling Jamaica's gang wars. [AP]
  • So the police officer who shot and killed a Miami Beach tourist for reasons that are unclear, is also the guy who shot and killed the taxi hijacker. He's currently on administrative leave. [CBS4]
  • Sentencing for the remaining defendants in the Liberty City Seven case will be delayed until September. [AP]