Ex-Gulliver Prep Student Gets Probation for Making Teen Sex Tape

Just a reminder to anyone under 18: all your scandalous selfies, snapchats of your private parts, and dirty videos caught on your laptop's webcam are technically child porn that could land you in a lot of trouble.

Just ask former Gulliver Preparatory swimmer Brice Kendall. Back when he was 16, he and his girlfriend apparently decided to film themselves bouncing, as the kids do nowadays. But when the pair broke up, Kendall decided to show the video to some of his friends.

At that time Kendall had just turned 18, so technically he was an adult in possession of and showing underaged sex videos.

Word got back to Kendall's ex-girlfriend, and her parents called the police. Detectives raided Kendall's Coral Gables home and charged him with possession of child pornography. Charges were later dropped to 15 counts of child abuse, no great harm, but those still carried a minimum of 16 years in jail.

According to the Miami Herald, lawyers for the girl's family wanted Kendall to serve jail time. Though Kendall's lawyers believed that the girl's family ultimately just wanted to press a civil suit since Kendall's mother is a rich doctor.

However, ultimately Judge Yvonne Colodn decided to cut Kendall a deal. She allowed him to plead no contest to one count of child abuse. In return, he'll get five years of probation and have to complete 300 hours of community duty. (Part of which must be spent talking to students about not filming their sex lives.)

Neither side in the case was happy with the decision. Kendall's lawyers told the Herald that "the stigma of the child abuse charge is so disingenuous in this case because he was with his girlfriend who willing participated in the video clips."

Meanwhile ,a lawyer for the girl noted, "The victim is satisfied, but it's not necessarily what she wanted."

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