City of Miami Might Ban Stores From Selling Puppies

The city of Miami is looking into the idea of banning the sale of puppies. It's not that the city commission doesn't like puppies and wants to make the city some sort of dystopian puppy-free police state. They like puppies a lot. In fact, that's why they're toying with the idea of banning stores from selling puppies.

Many pet stores are known to get their puppies from dog mills, where the conditions for dogs can be notoriously bad.

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Currently there are only 13 pet stores that sell puppies in Miami. Hallandale Beach Commissioner Michele Lazarow informed the Miami commissioners that she's found that many of these stores get their puppies from dog mills.

According to CBS Miami, the city commission gave tentative approval today to a plan that would place a moratorium on allowing any new stores selling cats or dogs to open in the next six months.

The city would then study the results and decide whether to ban stores from selling puppies all together.

The ban would not effect responsible breeders, and Miamians could still buy puppies outright from breeders and, naturally, adopt them from animal shelters.

Miami would become the biggest city in South Florida to ban puppy stores, but several other cities already have a similar ban in place.

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