Regalado and Sarnoff Know What's Ethically Good *Cough, Cough* for Miami

At this Thursday's Miami city commission meeting, Mayor Tomás Regalado and Commission Chairman Marc Sarnoff will sponsor city legislation that would require elected officials and lobbyists to complete an ethics training course. No one is going to argue that ethics reform is long overdue at 3500 Pan American Dr.

In fact, Banana Republican suggests a few course topics for Regalado and Sarnoff:

  1. Why it's not good to lie, even about who your grandfather is.
  2. Why it's bad to promote police officers who drove you around during your campaign for mayor.
  3. Why it's not cool to use your position as an elected official to build traffic circles only you want.
  4. Why elected officials should not meet privately to discuss how and who they would appoint to the city commission.