Florida Woman Bites Boyfriend's Penis After He Refuses Sex

Listen, if you're hungry for the D, don't actually try to bite into the D. That's what Krystle M. Harrison tried to do when her boyfriend refused to engage in sex and now she's sitting behind bars.

According to The Sun-Sentinel, the incident went down in Bradenton, Florida, on Wednesday. Harrison, 19, and her boyfriend have been dating for about three years and have a child together.

The couple were lying in bed together when Harrison tried to initiate some frisky times and began touching the boyfriend. However, the boyfriend wasn't in the mood and denied her advances several time.

Apparently Harrison didn't get the message that "no" means "no," so she grabbed him and literally chomped down on his penis.

The boyfriend was able to get away and went outside. Harrison followed and continued to argue with her boyfriend and left scratch marks on his chest.

When police arrived, the boyfriend refused to press charges, but Harrison was still arrested on charges of battery.

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