Rick Scott is Governor Because South Floridians Are Too Lazy to Vote

What the hell did you have going on Tuesday where you couldn't vote? Yes, I'm talking to you, South Florida. Because a stronger turn out in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach which happen to be the most populace counties in the state and all voted super strongly for Alex Sink might have tipped the razor thin margin in her favor. Instead, Rick Scott-loving North Florida, which to be honest never has anything better to do than vote, turned up at the poll en masse. News flash people: Voting is important.

Here in Miami-Dade 57 percent of voters selected Sink, compared to only 42 percent for Scott. Voter turn out was only a pitiful 41.33 percent.

In Palm Beach the split was 58-40 for Sink, and there was a somewhat healthier turn out of 46 percent.

And in Broward, the bluest of Florida's counties, the split was a whopping 65-34 for Sink. Though voter turnout was the lowest in South Florida with only 40.17 percent of voters trucking it to the polls, and not all of them even bothered to vote for Governor. That was the second lowest turn out of any county in the state. Way to go Broward, the rest of blue-leaning Florida depends on you and you blew it.

All three counties are below predicted state-wide voter turn out, and a strong push from Republican strongholds in North Florida helped Scott walk away with the election.

Nationally, voter turn out was expected to be up by about 3 percent thanks mainly to an energized Republican base.

Adding to our list of "What the Hell is wrong with the Florida Democratic Party" maybe we should add an apparently broken Get Out The Vote strategy in South Florida.