Truth is Stranger than Webcomic: Lotto Winner's Wife About to be Homeless

The above might not be their funniest comic, but, uh, it's actually coming more or less true in South Florida, because we don't exactly have an overrun of decent, normal human beings here. 

Arnim Ramdass won a share of a $19 million Florida Lotto with 16 of his co-workers at Miami International Airport. It was kind of a big story, but he never told his wife.  

By the time Donna Campbell, the wife and a former beauty queen, found out he was gone with all the money. She can't pay the mortgage on their Miramar home and according to CBS4 is about to be evicted. 

Authorities can't locate Ramdass. We're not sure if he could face any time in prison, but with a last name like Ramdass it would be a poetic bit of karma.