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Cuba Has Banned Reggaeton

Raul Castro is your grumpy old neighbor who's always yelling at you to "turn that crap down."

The Castro administration has banned "vulgar and banal" music with a direct eye towards reggaeton.

"Neither vulgarity or mediocrity may dent the richness of Cuban music," Cuban Institute of Music president Orlando Vistel Columbié told the state-owned press.

Vistel in particularly takes issue with the "aggressive, sexually explicit, obscene" reggaeton lyrics that portray Cuban women as "grotesque sexual objects."

Though, Vistel clarified that he's not only concerned with reggaeton, but considers the party genre a particular menace.

According to the Guardian, reggaeton musicians could be struck from official lists, which would make it harder for them to find work. Radio and television stations are also being pressured to stop playing the genre. Recordings are being removed from the country's official music catalogues. Any institution that promotes reggaeton could be hit with sanctions.

Most ominously, Vistel promised a new law soon that would directly spell out what kind of music can be played in public.

It may be hard to defend a genre like reggaeton, but its even harder to defend censorship.

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