Miami's High Line? A Ten-Mile "Linear Park" Could Come to South Florida

If a South Florida group has their way, Miami is about to get a whole lot greener. The Greenlink Project would create the largest linear park ever, one that would stretch 10 miles long from Brickell to Dadeland right underneath the Metrorail.

"The vision is to connect eight transit stations to one linear park," Meg Daly, Greenlink Park's founder, tells CBS Miami.

The proposed park, which has been described as Miami's answer to NYC's High Line, has already drawn about $2 million in commitments so far, Daly says. The High Line, to be fair, cost about $180 million to build. In turn, it's generated an estimated $3 billion in real estate investment for the New York area.

Beyond funding, others have raised worries that an FPL plan for 100-foot new towers along U.S. 1 could also imperil the idea, though FPL says the two projects aren't necessarily incompatible.

"I know some people have suggested that the transmission line would basically rule out the park being there," FPL spokesman Peter Robbins told the Miami Herald earlier this year. "That's just flat out wrong. Whoever suggested that, unfortunately is misinformed or they are spreading information that's wrong. Projects just like the GreenLink make sense."

Daly says that in a best-case scenario the project could potentially break ground later this year and finish be done in five-to-ten years.

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