News Roundup

  • Are the Marlins getting ready to fire manager Freddi Gonzalez? Seems like it, even though the team finished with its third best record ever, with a pitiful payroll. [NBCMiami]
  • Homestead is gearing up for its first art gallery walk. Every town has them now, so why not Homestead? [Herald]
  • Florida has its first Powerball winner. Unfortunately it's not me; it's someone from Orlando. [Herald]
  • Maybe the winner will pack his bags and head to Cuba, because apparently travel between the countries is flourishing. [Herald]
  • A man was injured after his propane meat smoker blew up. This is why I always buy my propane and propane accessories at Strickland Propane. They won't sell you a faulty meat smoker, no sir. [CBS4]